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Our Philosophy

As music teachers, we strive to create a climate  in which our students can experience continuous musical, intellectual, and emotional growth, and also to foster the growth of our students in such a way that they become independent learners.

We believe the following:

•   A positive learning environment is vital. Feedback must come often and be constructive.

•   Realizing that development takes time, students must be encouraged to see the “big picture” objectively.

​•   Clear structure and shared decision-making are significant to the learning process.

•   In the private piano studio, it is important to go beyond building repertoire; emphasis on technical            studies and on applying music theory, music history and pedagogy to performance is necessary.

•   The use of humor in the learning environment helps students relax and makes the learning process more enjoyable and more effective. The joy of music-making is an important component of every lesson.

We base all of our teaching on personal experience as performers and musicians. In summary, our strengths as teachers include enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject, clarity, fairness, organization, and a genuine interest in our students. We feel that teaching is a highly honorable profession, and we are privileged to be involved in this noble pursuit.

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