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How to Print the Burch School Birthday Calendar

Calendar samples: closed view; open view; montage of all the pages

When we visited our friends in Holland, we thought their Verjaardags Kalenderen (or  "Birthday Calendars") were neat--calendars with just the dates of each month so you could write in birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Since they didn't have the days of the week (and didn't go out of date), you never had to transfer the birthdays to another calendar at the beginning of every new year. They were typically hung in the bathroom so you would have time to contemplate what would be happening in the near future.

We tried to find birthday calendars in the U.S., but didn't have any luck. So, we decided to make our own. We can only offer the finished calendars to our students, but if you would like your own, you can download the file and make your own calendar. The file is a little over 7 megabytes, so if you are using dialup it may take a while to download (at least 20 minutes at 56 k)

If you want to try making the calendar yourself, instructions follow. If you would rather have this done by a copy center, just complete step 1) below and take these instuctions and the downloaded .PDF file to any place that can print .PDF files and do binding (most copy centers.) This file is copyrighted, but permission is granted to reproduce and distribute the calendar as long as you don't change the calendar or make a profit from distributing it.

And, please try to minimize downloads from our web site--share the file with your friends rather than downloading it multiple times, if possible. Our site has a fixed quota for data transfer, and if the quota  is exceeded, we will have to remove the calendar from our site.

How to print the calendar:

1) Right click this Birthday Calendar link, choose "Save Target As", and download the file (in Adobe .pdf or "Portable Document Format") to your hard disk.

If you want to have a copy center make the calendar for you, take the .pdf file and these instuctions to the copy center.
If you want to make the calendar yourself, continue following the below instuctions.

2) Open the file by double-clicking on it, or right-clicking and selecting "Open." If you can't open a .pdf file (you get an error message asking which program you want to use to open the file), you can download the free Adobe Reader at http://www.adobe.com

3) Once the .pdf file is open, click on File and then Print to display the following dialogue box.

4) Make sure that Page Scaling is set to None and the Auto-Rotate and Center box is cleared.

5) Click the Properties button to the right of the printer name to display a dialogue box similar to the following (it will vary depending on your printer.) Make sure you have selected best print quality.  If your printer is capable of printing on both sides of the paper(duplex printing) be sure that both Print on Both Sides and Flip Pages Up are checked.

6) Click OK to close the Printer Properties dialogue box.

7) Click OK on the Print dialogue box to print the calendar. Printing on regular paper will give you a usable calendar, but printing on heavier index stock will give you a nicer one. (See your printer documentation to find out the heaviest paper it can print on.)

If your printer can't print on both sides,  you will have to figure out how to produce a calendar page with printing on both sides. Depending on your printer, you may be able to run a printed page through a second time to print on the back, or you can always glue the pages back-to-back. The printing on the back of the page should be oriented so that it is right-side-up when the page is flipped up, like a stenographer's notebook. If the page is turned over like a page in a book, the page on the back should be upside-down.

8) You'll now have a set of two calendars, printed side-by-side; cut the set in half to separate the calendars.

9) Bind the calendar along the top edge (over the words African Safari Calendar.) If you've printed the calendar on regular paper, stapling will do--you can just fold the paper when you flip the calendar pages. If you've printed the calendar on card stock, you'll probably want to use coil binding--depending on the weight of the card stock you've used, you'll need about a 7mm coil . There are many punches you can use for coil binding; we like the RubiCoil punch (details)
(A note to RubiCoil users: the dies are removable! Click here for instructions.)

10) Punch a  1/8" hole through the whole calendar at the center bottom of the front page so you can hang the calendar on the wall (there is a small dot printed where the hole should be punched.)  If you need to punch many sheets, you may want to consider getting a bit for a paper drill--this chart shows which brands will fit in a regular 1/2" chuck. Bud's Graphics sells the Lawson bits for only $15, with no minimum order. If you want to reinforce the hole, put an eyelet in the hole on the first page--3/16" eyelets (available at Jo Ann's Fabrics) are a nice size and just fit in a 5/32" hole.

Finally, you're ready to go!

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For more information, please call Dr. Hughes at 817-341-2345 (metro)
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